Finding my closure.

I dont believe in the crap of carrying past unnecessary luggage. One should carry whats needed. Backups and spare parts are meant to be locked away. Not carried heavily to reduce the pace of the journey. You said we should... Continue Reading →

thoughtless thoughts.

Would anything ever really mean anything? Isn't everything only meant to be temporary? Like the spark of love, the yearn of sex, the passion of conversations and the realization of a connection. That's just how it goes. Comes and goes.... Continue Reading →

we are walking away.

And when it's almost time, the cruel time, that I knew would eventually arrive, now or tomorrow, I will be smiling at it. Right after I am done crying everything out of my heart. I am not going to thank... Continue Reading →

state of mind.

I don't know how should I say this. I can't even say if I will be saying what I am feeling. There are things between us that is going great hai. We both agree to it. The energy part or... Continue Reading →

just the same.

I have never been the kind to wish people on their birthdays. Birthdays come and go. And people never fail to be the same.


I think sometimes I need someone. Just someone who would sit down and listen. To the words I chose to say. Or just listen. To the silence that I cry out. It's been a while. This routine feeling of lonesome.... Continue Reading →

can you hear?

I said I want a break. And by that I meant I want you to hold me closer and to never let me go. I said you can leave if you want to. And by that I meant don't leave... Continue Reading →

How long has it been since I have written? How long has it been since I have felt something? How long has it been since I have come across something meaningful? Way too long. I tend to believe that whatever... Continue Reading →

Time changes so strangely. Sometimes you don't even recognize the other person. Like I thought I knew you well but right now, who the hell are you?

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