1:15 am

1:15 am I need to stop smiling now. Goodnight.


1:32 am

1:32 am I think I need a reset button in life. I just wish I could start over. Though I am not completely sure if things would end up being anything different. I know right. I am pretty messed up.... Continue Reading →

10:34 pm!

10:34 pm These days I do not have problems with sleeping. I sleep well. And I rarely think of anything while I am trying to fall asleep. It's less tiring. Also I haven't had a bad dream for a while.... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

I really don't like to think about him. It's a different thing that I do think of him. At times. A lot of times. A lot of those lot of times. But if I was ever given to choose, if... Continue Reading →

miles away.

And months after, Today, I saw you. It was as if time forgot to touch you. Because I couldn't see you age even a second. You were just as how I saw you the very first time. Last last September.... Continue Reading →


And I know I am there, Still, With you, Way behind the grasp of time, I have been walking backwards, Into the pseudoreality of past, Just to find you, In your old version, Just to be there in that extraordinary... Continue Reading →

blue sunshine.

I knew, I knew the shape of the world was round, way before, And today, I saw you after so many years, Hey you, How have you been? I have missed you in each and every of those seconds, But... Continue Reading →

11:44 pm

11:44 pm I always thought that all I ever wanted was to escape. I always made myself convinced that my inner, eventual motive was to leave. To be lost, to be unreachable and unaware from anyone's notice or attention. I... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you things that don't matter much, Like, I am in love with you. Duh!

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