“I am”

I am an unnecessity, The wise words I will tell you, Seems interesting only, the first time you hear it, And I am tired of repeating it myself, I am an ugly duckling, I refuse to fit in, Into shapes... Continue Reading →


11:27 pm!!

11:27 pm I wish everything one said haunted them back. At the end of the day, as you lay down in your bed, what if every mean word you used at someone played itself loud and clear into your ears?... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

I don't know why the hell am I here for. Sometimes I feel I could have been anything else. I could have been made a tree even. So that I could just stay in a place, watch everything under my... Continue Reading →

12:35 am!!

12:35 am Lately I have been feeling scared of people. I am constantly experiencing trust issues. There is this conscious gap between what I am saying and what I believe I should say. And seriously speaking, this is very new... Continue Reading →

“Recalling diary days” #2

Another naive and immature version of the girl I used to be! 16th June, 2009 I returned him today what belonged to me. I gave it back to him and I know I didn't do the right thing. I just... Continue Reading →

“Recalling diary days”

This is a diary page dated back about 8 years ago. It may sound very immature. Selfish even. I am happy that I talk to this person sometimes and that he still is a friend. 21st April, 2009 The disparity... Continue Reading →

Moods and Streets!

I see the streets filled with people, all kinds of them. I watch them, each one of those dull and typical entities, as far as my vision permits me to. The tranquility of the scene┬áportrays both it's beauty and the... Continue Reading →

“No beginning no end”

I wonder of all those things people write about in pages that never see the light of the day. I wonder of all those feelings one pours into diaries and let them remain hidden under pillows or shoved behind locked... Continue Reading →


There is an intense wave of sadness flowing through all the cells in my body. An undesirable, undeniable, undescribable form of gloominess. I just want to scream out loud or may be cry my heart out. I can feel all... Continue Reading →

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