Internship 101

Internship 101 Every now and then, I see someone taking their first breath of life and someone taking their last one with all the struggle each one can afford. As much excitement I feel looking at the beginning of a... Continue Reading →


1:40 am

1:40 am I am free right now.

no idea what I wrote.

We do not live in a world of happy endings. There is a unique chaos that we all deal with each day. We all have been going through our own struggles. Home. Family. Friends. Love. And our own conscience. Everything... Continue Reading →

cannot share.

I have often been told that what I write is entirely different from who I am. I have been told that how I write does not match with how I seem. And may be it is true. Writing has always... Continue Reading →


One of the most intriguing things time offers you is the ending. The final page of a book. The ultimate closure of a season of your favourite series. The departure of an unforgettable relationship. And for sure, mere death. The... Continue Reading →


We have a tendency to hide our most weakest selves within us. I know for sure that there's a whole dimension of me that I am yet to explore. Because the most fragile state I have is also my most... Continue Reading →


Colors are one of the most magical things I find in life. And may be because I have a tendency of seeing things grey, the little joy I find when seeing the truest colors excite me even more. I have... Continue Reading →

12:22 am

12:22 am There has always been so much to talk about. And yet, I ask myself to stay in silence. I fear the time that is yet to arrive, for I have seen how easily things slip out of hands.... Continue Reading →

Stay with me.

Stay with me, I am the challenge of time, I am the one for whom you looked behind, Stay with me, Fate is a conspiracy, And I am your sad eternity, Stay with me, Life is a game of words,... Continue Reading →

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