12:07 am!!

12:07 am I remember the time when villains were always depicted bad. Every side of what was portrayed of them was purely evil. They lacked even a single evidence of feeble percentage of goodness. Throughout time, villains have surely evolved.... Continue Reading →

“I am called Shadow”

I am called Shadow. I exist because of your existence. I lack originality. I follow you where ever your footsteps take me. Unquestioningly. Undoubtedly. To everyplace where there is a light, I will desperately try to keep up my pace... Continue Reading →

1:22 am!!

1:22 am I can see the stars through my window. They always seem the same though. The big dipper, that was the first constellation my mother told me about. I am looking at it now. Clear as ever. I never... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

"Everything just sucks." - An ordinary person (with apologies if you disagree and immensely glad that you don't think so)

Just an Insight!

Can I talk to you without making you feel that I want or that I expect anything from you? Can we just be two people who hang around once in a while amidst some random places? Laughing and sharing and... Continue Reading →

1:04 am!!

1:04 am It's memory night tonight. I can tell. I have gone through some thoughts of random things. The first time I failed in a subject. 12th grade maths. I was too over confident. That time when I carried my... Continue Reading →

A diary day

I was going through my personal diary the other day. Written when I was class 8 or 9, that is around 8 or 9 years ago. Most parts of it were very childish. There were so many 'crying for no... Continue Reading →

12:45 am!!

12:45 am The best thing about the night is that there are no background noises. Besides the mere sound of water drops in the water filter in the kitchen. The sound of my dog’s breath. And the insects, of course.... Continue Reading →

“Are you here to answer?”

Can you tell, Where I would be, If my presence was not here? In this purgatory, I breath, To live such a lifeless life, Shut down all the green, I lie here, In the in between, Shadows casted everywhere, Though... Continue Reading →

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