I want to change the world. But then, they ask me to start with myself. And I look into myself and gosh, I see a thousand things that I would rather change. From the everlasting constant repetition of midnight thoughts... Continue Reading →



I have been told that every broken thing can be repaired. The main idea here remains to be pre-accepting the fact that there is always a solution to the problem that you are made to confront. Believing in the light... Continue Reading →

0:42 am

0:42 am It's been raining for a while now. Outside. I have always been fascinated by the sound the raindrops make as it meets the soil. I have always thought that it represents some kind of a sacrifice. How the... Continue Reading →

1:26 am

1:26 am There are stuffs to be done. Like waking up. Starting a new day. Learning new things. Reading new stuffs. Talking to that person you have always seen around but never had the chance to talk to. Smiling to... Continue Reading →


You keep thinking about it as the night begins to fill up your room. And your mind. This is a terrible disease that you are suffering from. To be trapped into your own infinity loops of thoughts. Your mind is... Continue Reading →

00:23 am

00:23 am There are dots. Life is about connecting those dots. But then there are also numerous of those unnecessary dots. Life is also about avoiding those dots. And then there is that pressure of drawing that perfect picture amidst... Continue Reading →

Internship 105

Yes ma'am, I am here at your service. Tell me what needs to be done. Tell me and I won't say that it's not my job. Or that I can't do it. Or I wouldn't. Or I shouldn't. That's not... Continue Reading →


I am in love with you. Lying down here in the middle of the night, with the very familiar darkness and my insomnia, this is the truest thing I can say right now. This feeling, do you have it too,... Continue Reading →

1:28 am

1:28 am And on the day I leave, I am not taking regrets with me. I am not going to allow myself to be filled with undone desires. Unachieved dreams. Unrequited love. Unexpressed feelings. On the day I leave, I... Continue Reading →

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