night talks.

Hey yo to you all, Welcome, Please kindly be seated. Comfortably. The night is a very long way to go. Sorry for all the inconveniences lately. I guess life is all about learning to perceive these inconveniences in a convenient... Continue Reading →



I donot know what I can do to explain this to you. This feeling that I am having, it's just strange. There is some kind of darkness residing within and it's hard to let anyone in. What on earth am... Continue Reading →

2:17 am

2:17 am It's the aftermaths of an event that tend to be troublesome than the actual event in happening. I have always been terrible with handling the aftermaths. The flashbacks that keep repeating itself on infinity loops takes away the... Continue Reading →

00:23 am

00:23 am There are dots. Life is about connecting those dots. But then there are also numerous of those unnecessary dots. Life is also about avoiding those dots. And then there is that pressure of drawing that perfect picture amidst... Continue Reading →

Internship 105

Yes ma'am, I am here at your service. Tell me what needs to be done. Tell me and I won't say that it's not my job. Or that I can't do it. Or I wouldn't. Or I shouldn't. That's not... Continue Reading →

23:48 pm

23:48 pm I am terrified by the knowledge of how everything is collapsible.


Life is a burning house. And I am suffocating inside. This is the spark I ignited myself. They say nothing really matters. Is it because I am already dead inside? I feel sad most of the times. But it's okay.... Continue Reading →


Time is a funny thing. How we come together on one fine instance and then right after, we tend to go apart. Like two roads that met on a crossing, only to be forever doomed to grow separate from one... Continue Reading →


I am in love with you. Lying down here in the middle of the night, with the very familiar darkness and my insomnia, this is the truest thing I can say right now. This feeling, do you have it too,... Continue Reading →

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