Quote of the day

There are fires, vast and endless, that burn in me for you. And I will carry them until you are ready to walk through the flames of me. - William C. Hannan

“My apologies”

My apologies, You picked the wrong girl home, Before I evolve as your Burdened obligation, Cut me lose, I warn you, I am more than skinny silhouettes, Or your soluble words that spear through my skin, Leaving ugly scars that... Continue Reading →

“The power struggle”

And who am I to judge? A fourteen year old kid? Do I even understand this? This struggle of power play, It's a weird game, you see, I am the audience, But I am not allowed to clap or cheer,... Continue Reading →

“Everything is grey”

I don't know you. And I don't want to know you. I can't handle the clash between my imagination and your reality, I see serenity in you, I see wisdom in you, That which shall be shattered once I know... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

"...he came up to me like a flash of light, shinning so bright. Only to fade away at the end. And ever since, I feel like a moth, searching for that light everywhere. Like a little kid always dragging herself... Continue Reading →

A path called ‘Life’

​ Uncertainties of the uncertain, Here I go and what the hell am I doing here? The path is dark, and forgotten, The one that's never taken, Behind it, lies a mystique truth, Do I even wish to hear? But... Continue Reading →

“The art”

"Live up your life, Open up to me." "I don't know how? How should I begin?" "It's not as hard as you believe, Just turn the volume on." "It's just as absurd as it seems I always have a hard... Continue Reading →

Another miserable post!

​ We all are living in delusions. The delusion we all have, that we would be less miserable if...Mind you, dear, but there are no 'ifs' in life. You will be as miserable as you are today, than what you... Continue Reading →

Human nature?

​ And what are we all looking for? A happy life? Perhaps a happy, smooth life. We are all looking for that settlement, an easy job, a rich husband/ a beautiful wife, retirement at fifty and then to sit across... Continue Reading →

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