Forever has always been a lie. You and I happen to be looking at each other right at this very moment is the only truth I believe in. No one can say for sure what happens the time right after.... Continue Reading →



Just when I made myself believe that the world was pure black and white, you arrived in colours. Your subtle arrival shattered all the walls that I had built around me. And all the darkness that I had hidden within,... Continue Reading →


You are beautiful. And strange. Strange, yes but interestingly strange. I look at you. For once. Once more. And then again. And again. You are beautiful. As the first ray of the sun that touches me just to make me... Continue Reading →

23:45 am


4:23 am!

4:23 am Great! Back to the insomnia phase. Dear mind, find ease. Stop overthinking.


Where are we in your mind? Have you ever given a thought? About you, about me? Am I the type to ever have the privilege to occupy a little space in your mind? Am I the kind to even cross... Continue Reading →


From the existential force that we shared, you escaped away into distant space never to be found again. And there I was, revolving around myself, clueless. Into the vastness of the infinity, I searched and I waited. Tired but restless.... Continue Reading →


Birthdays come and go. And time and age have always had a tendency to tick onto just the same direction. This beginning of another year for me has been different from how it used to be each year. On an... Continue Reading →

eyes that tell.

(You are projected here with an image of the same woman standing at an extreme looking somewhere distant. The focus of the image is into her eyes. The background behind and everything in between is white. Pure white.) (Scene #3)... Continue Reading →

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