I am missing you!

I am missing you. Not as how one misses the absence of someone. I am missing you even with the constant presence of you around me. It's as though I can reach out to you and yet I feel somehow... Continue Reading →

Just saying.

Everyone tries to own you. No one really sees you as a free entity. Take for example your parents. Your parents tend to think that they created you. You are their child. Whatever you are or have arrived to achieve... Continue Reading →


I am sure when he broke up with me, a part of my brain was so happy."Finally someone took the right initiative.""Now half of my unnecessary worries will be gone.""I can't wait to solely be about myself again".The part that... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a daughter #2

This has been a really hard thing to write about. About my parents, my family. Tears have rolled down my face frequently. And at times, I have erased lines I have written and told myself, "How can I be that... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a daughter #1

I have never really said it out loud, except occasionally with my brother, I think there is something seriously wrong with my parent's marriage. And I often wonder that my hesitation to ever get married stems from the unhappiness they... Continue Reading →

I want a Breakup!

I want a break up. The kind of break up that doesn't start out of nowhere. I am eating my breakfast and he says, "I don't see a future of this relationship." Or those kinds where he wishes me goodnight... Continue Reading →

On a parallel universe

More than what it did to me, I liked what it did to his mind. I was always a giver. I liked what my love made him feel. I realize now the fact of how I always have a tendency... Continue Reading →


Hi, just here to talk.

I, time and again, realize that I am a person wearing my heart on my sleeves. If someone shows interest on talking to me in a genuine way, I am all ears. It necessarily doesn't have to be in a... Continue Reading →

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