October 2015

“She” part #2

"She didn't let her hair be her pride Or the way she walked or dressed, let her guide A time in her own isolation, She believed was the best in her day. when she talked to herself and smiled as... Continue Reading →


“She” Part #1

...she wondered a lot. She observed deep into the small things. Its a weird world she would say, how people changed, how fast people needed change..from old to to the latest. But she, she still wore those jeans she... Continue Reading →

“Your eyes”

Your eyes, I see them independent Fighting with your mind, For they showed emotions that you could never express, They never lied whether in love or despair, But your smile..too clever, always deceiving, Your hair and your hands on it,... Continue Reading →

“Lets take it slow, my friend!”

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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