December 2016

Thought of the day

I often make vivid moments in my head. I can't keep myself from imagining conversations that don't exist and have minimal chances that they will someday. So, you see, there is a very thin line between a writer, a lover... Continue Reading →

Character Writing Part #3

​ To the boy who loves the sun, "Hey stranger, do you have stories to share?", I ask him, to the boy sitting far away where my voices won't reach. I am sitting here in the library, bored by the... Continue Reading →


​ Its the calmness that scares me, The silence, that burns to infinity, And all the whispers and rumours it brings along, They get on my nerves, The blood across my veins keeps chasing itself, And the rays of the... Continue Reading →

Thought of the day

".....if you ever ask her, does she believe in god, she will want your definition of god. If god, to you, is an imaginary friend at times of your fear, then she does believe in god. Because she created her... Continue Reading →

“The wedding”

​ With the perfect gown on her, And the fear and joy of an uncertain future, She held her smile, adjusted her headband, And all night long, In front of the mirror, she practiced the verse, But she practiced the... Continue Reading →

Do you really understand me?

Dear Society, Dear Groupists, Dear individual, To every thought I put forward, every action I try to endeavor, every goal I try to achieve, you are somewhere there in the background, hiding behind the curtains deep inside my subconscious. I... Continue Reading →

Character Writing Part #2

​ To the guy with imperfections, He was one my classmates as a child. Later, I changed the school and we lost contact. Years later, we happened to meet through social media. And since, both of us were studying the... Continue Reading →

“Challenge me”

​ Challenge me, Deprive me of my needs, Take away my luxuries, Starve me, Leave me breathless, For then, may be I will know May be I will realize for a moment, My weaknesses, And my strength, My limits, as... Continue Reading →

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