Dear Society,

Dear Groupists,

Dear individual,

To every thought I put forward, every action I try to endeavor, every goal I try to achieve, you are somewhere there in the background, hiding behind the curtains deep inside my subconscious. I know you have always been there watching over me ever since I existed. And even at times that you were having your cigar breaks, you have already managed to engulf my mind, seeding it with your endlessly prying eyes and obligation of your fantasized expectations of me. I am no more my own. My soul is caged and my mind is just another replica of you. I have been corrupted.

Removing you from my system was in fact, never the precise solution. And that this mysterious mind is nothing but a limited vault, replacing you is the only elucidation that might bring me some peace. For what calls me is my own soul crying out to be unchained. So, I am leaving soon. The wild and untamed nature will help me, find my purity. This caged soul is hoping a change. Don’t you waste your polished words as I leave. There is no turning back. But do remember, I may be just another letter in your crossword but my absence shall shatter your puzzle in seconds.