January 2017

Call it sarcasm!

Dear human, Yeah, you are...but a human. A product! Something made by the manufacturer to live up to the demand. And that demand has already been demanded. For you, there is nothing beyond this now. Think as how everyone else... Continue Reading →


“My taste of meat”

My taste of meat with a drop of lemon, a glass of wine and laughter and little giggles, Their taste of pain with a whole lot of blood, a life of misery, simple minds and mean world And yet, I... Continue Reading →


​ #  At sixteen, I realized that I was not beautiful. Beauty was fairness. Beauty was a clear skin. Beauty was the perfect hair. Beauty was slim body. And I qualified in none.  With time , I convinced myself beauty... Continue Reading →

“Could you give a day to me?”

Could you give a day to me? For an early morning bicycle ride along the hill side, a midday crazy dance in the rain and in the night, together we will gaze into the starlight. Could you give a day... Continue Reading →

You and him

​ It will be a sad story. You, as joyful as you are and he, full of his darkness.  You, you are looking forward to your perfectly planned future and he, there is he! Still stuck and wandering somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

"..and I am clinging to what's bound to fall apart. It's foolish, I know. I am sailing to the sea with the knowledge that the storm is just across the turn. Trying to grip the sand being clearly aware of... Continue Reading →

“? Can’t think of a title”

​ I am self destructive. Someday, may be not today, But someday I will explode into flames that you can't control, That won't know love, hope or kindness, Nor pain, Because I feel the waves getting bigger day by day,... Continue Reading →

‘D’ for Darkness

​ The light no more brightens me up. It feels distant and illusionary. You may not have known it yet but this light is a part of a master plan of fabrication, to make us overlook what's behind that factitious... Continue Reading →

“A new story?”

I hold a pen, amongst all the pain that led me here A blank white paper, I see it as a new beginning Trying to fool my mind, into writing something new But its just another sad story, For it... Continue Reading →

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