The light no more brightens me up. It feels distant and illusionary. You may not have known it yet but this light is a part of a master plan of fabrication, to make us overlook what’s behind that factitious shimmer. Remember, with every light, there is a dark shadow hidden behind. For you it may be easy to say, “Close your eyes, feel the rays and forget everything.” But the only thing that warmth does is to make me realize of how cold I am on the inside. And the pure, selfless rays that touches me keeps questioning me of all the impurities I bear.

So, forgive me. I am no more trying to reach out to the light. Darkness has always been more familiar to me. This is not the path I choose, but its the path that chose me. My soul is bound to pray for it’s eternity. Tonight, there shall be no more impurities, for my impurities will look the same as yours. Once the lights are off, all the colours, the glow, the shimmer and the sparkles will be engulfed into it. You see, darkness is the ultimate power and I shall finally be a part of it!