It will be a sad story. You, as joyful as you are and he, full of his darkness. 

You, you are looking forward to your perfectly planned future and he, there is he! Still stuck and wandering somewhere in his past. 

You, always trying to untangle every twisted knot you see and he? He is perhaps, entangled onto himself. 

You believe in mending broken things and he believes we are all irreparable. 

You were the kid who tried her best to solve every puzzle and he was the one, unknown to the fact that it was even a puzzle. 

He is perfectly fine with the way things are. And you desperately, hope for a change. 

You are an open book and he is the book no one dares to open. 

You have been discovering paths that helps you overcome your misery. But here you are now. How the hell did you end up here? I am laughing at you, to see you hands-in-hands with him. He is the only misery that you couldn’t overcome!

And it’s a sad story. You trying to remain as joyful as you are under his darkness and he, he has always been full of his darkness.