Dear human,

Yeah, you are…but a human. A product! Something made by the manufacturer to live up to the demand. And that demand has already been demanded. For you, there is nothing beyond this now. Think as how everyone else does. Do what everyone else is doing. Just get in the line, get cleaned, get polished, get filled and then get labelled! You will reach there where you were intended to. Do you feel sad that you are not the one to decide that? Weren’t you paying attention? Why did they keep saying, “It’s all written already”?

Please, don’t be a fool now! The ones in line with you, are clever beasts. They will talk of being ‘extraordinary’, ‘taking risks’ and this and that. Ask them if they have ever taken that jump themselves. See! It’s just a trick. There is nothing called ‘breaking stereotypes’. Once you try to deviate from the mainstream, all that you will be called is ‘useless’. A manufacturer defect. You will be tossed and turned back to the start, melted shapeless and then molded again and again, until and unless you are just another. A product!