Do you believe in a parallel universe? A co-existing reality almost as same as now with you choosing the alternatives that you feared the most of, or may be with things being just as how you wished for.

So, if that parallel universe does exists, miles of stars and galaxies away from here, how would you want it to be like? If you ask me, I would want it much of the same. You. Me. And our melancholy. But with me being a little more courageous to explain myself, less stiff about my solitary principles and just a little less dreadful about the consequences of expressing my suppressed feelings. So that on one fine sunny day, that girl could finally tell you,

“Hey you, do you realize how wonderful this present time is? This compatibility we feel with each other, it’s rare to find, don’t you think? How magically our wavelengths have learnt to synchronize to one another! And I wonder sometimes if this is called the so called ‘Love’? As I feel that gap of your absence and the fear of being replaced but, love? Love is a big scary word, I know. I would go with ‘compatibility’, it’s a clear specific word. And it pretty much does the same job as love, leaving me with a strong desire to remain static together.

And may be in some parallel universe, where I would be less courageous to explain myself, stiffer about my solitary principles and just a little more dreadful about the consequences of expressing these feelings, it would have made a really sad story. This is me, trying to turn that around. Can you help me?”

And well, what would you do then, I wonder, would you finally let it all out as well? Or would you just let it be again another miserable story, even in a parallel universe?