We all are living in delusions. The delusion we all have, that we would be less miserable if…Mind you, dear, but there are no ‘ifs’ in life. You will be as miserable as you are today, than what you will be tomorrow. As a child, somehow you had learnt to accept and adapt to it, but something went wrong in the process of growing up. Tell me dear, you really think life would be anything different? If home was more happier, love was more easier? If pain was less bitter or the time, more worthier? 

Well, we have all lived with misery up until now. And you think forgetting to live without it would be an easy task? Oh dear, whom are you fooling? Let me tell you the truth, the one you already knew. Yet, hear it out. Removing misery from your life shall not bring you happiness. It will bring you hollowness. Misery is the spice of our life. Lose it and voila! There you will end up with a tasteless soup. And with time, like some drunken soul stuck in withdrawals, you will desperately crave for that spice long gone. You will search it in every corner, you will open up healed wounds, torn apart mended worries so that you can have that taste just one more time. So, you better engulf it now, I tell you. Learning to live with misery, isn’t that what peace is?