And what are we all looking for? A happy life? Perhaps a happy, smooth life. We are all looking for that settlement, an easy job, a rich husband/ a beautiful wife, retirement at fifty and then to sit across that rocking chair with newspaper or an old book in your hand, feeding pigeons! Isn’t it? That’s a smooth happy life, eh?

I call it human greed though and human greed is human nature they say. It’s instinctive. It flows in our veins. It’s the same air everyone is breathing. We all grew up the same way, heard the same stories and have lived in the same place even though we are separated by culture, traditions or by distance. Even though we tend to live in groups, we all think as individuals. We build up individual strategies, dream of individual progress and strive for individual success. And no, I am no saint or an angel. I am guilty of it too. It’s sad don’t you think, our mind being narrowed by the walls that only fits ourselves?

A child has one toy and wants two, that child gets two toys and wants four. This is human nature. But when a whole society behaves in that same way, is that human nature?