Uncertainties of the uncertain,
Here I go
and what the hell am I doing here?
The path is dark,
and forgotten,
The one that’s never taken,

Behind it,
lies a mystique truth,
Do I even wish to hear?
But let me experiment a little here,
Uncover the curtains,
Let the warm rays feel me,
What is never uttered,
be said finally,
The dark path,
shall be cherished for it’s secrets,
And they shall only be mine,

The rushing blood is heating up on me,
My tired bones, giving away
with time,
My breathless breath, holding herself,
with fragile hopes to save tomorrow,
But there is still strength left in me,
I know,
The end is far away,
And there, hopefully,
what little life I will be left with
shall rejuvenate,
Or may wither away into ashes,
Yet here I go,
But what the hell am I doing here?