My apologies,
You picked the wrong girl home,

Before I evolve as your
Burdened obligation,
Cut me lose, I warn you,
I am more than
skinny silhouettes,
Or your soluble words
that spear through my skin,
Leaving ugly scars
that never heals,
My love and care is more
than just instinct,
I am a reckless lover,
I can live with you,
leave you,
Or lead you
to your blissful destruction,
I am not just
plain nurture and care,
Or any of your other
Stereotyped imagination,
I am the threshold of
your wreckage,
My silence is not my weakness,
Its the calmness before
the storm,

So my sympathies,
I am not a worrier, but a warrior,
Just call me,
A wrongful existence,
And let me free.