“Divine is the soul,
That hides so much behind it,
What is hidden behind me,
I bet I will never let you see,
You are the prisoner of my love,
And yet,
you prefer to call yourself free?
The key to your lock is thrown off
It lies somewhere deep,
under the oceans of insanity,
Are you ready, my love?
To get drowned?”

“Drowning was never the fear,
I have always been insanely drowned,
And still,
felt more than alive,
I am my own prisoner,
I climbed up your walls and let you
lock me up with pride,
There is no reason for me
To search the key now,
It’s more of a home than a prison,
And about souls,
the souls are divine and eternal,
My precious love,
I have much time to unravel it.”