April 2017

A letter to myself

27th April 2017 Dear ‘Me at 40’, Wow! You are forty and still alive. It is awesome!! So, how have you been huh? I hope not too fat. I can pretty much guess that you have got a child –adopted... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

Solitude is surely not an easy thing to handle. No matter how much of an out going person you seem to be, only you know the truth of how boring you are. Left alone for an hour, you possibly haven't... Continue Reading →

Life is precious? Not really.

'LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!' Isn't it? How many of us have heard this quote? Almost all, I am sure. Some of us may even have hanged it in our walls as an art. Life is precious! Haven't we all felt it?... Continue Reading →

“Identity Crisis”

​Look into the mirror, Instead of looking into their eyes, Say hello once to who you are, Rather than to what they call you, Hey, sit down, Light a candle and Pour yourself a glass of wine, What are you... Continue Reading →

“Don’t say I am insane!”

The wounds I inflict upon my body shall heal itself soon, And the scars that they leave behind, I will look at them with awe, After all, Scars are beautiful, they say. The wounds I inflict upon my body, is... Continue Reading →

“Be a liar”

​ Hold him close enough when he can't hold himself right. Give him your wisest words. Tell him it's ok sometimes to cry alone at night. Words will forever remain as sly as a fox. Make him believe in yours.... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

" matter how good you are with words, some feelings are so indescribable. It was early morning, about 6 am or so. We were running our usual morning run. I and my buddy- my dog, Chotu. It was this other... Continue Reading →

Story of Nani Maya

Mrs. Nani Maya set the kettle out from the fire. She poured herself a cup of black tea and sat down on an old torn doormat on the front door of her home, looking towards the roadside. The drops of... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

"...I like you. But then I hate you? Is that even possible? Or is it just my own mind playing games with me? It's possible of course, isn't it? You are not one simple, definable entity after all. You are... Continue Reading →

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