“…I like you. But then I hate you? Is that even possible? Or is it just my own mind playing games with me? It’s possible of course, isn’t it? You are not one simple, definable entity after all. You are a mixture. You are a paradox. You are a contradiction within itself. You are that magic soup that tastes different as one tastes it every other time. So, I love you, at times. I feel that I can’t live without you. That your smell is the last thing I want to forget. That my day wouldn’t pass by if I don’t hear your voice. But then, sometimes I just can’t stand you anymore. Your words cut my peace in the most inconvenient way. At times, I can’t even reside in the same place where your presence is expected. And this helpless puzzled feeling in itself, it’s sickening as you can see. Though what makes me more restless is the realization that the problem is not in you, but in me!”