“…no matter how good you are with words, some feelings are so indescribable.

It was early morning, about 6 am or so. We were running our usual morning run. I and my buddy- my dog, Chotu. It was this other road we decided to take which we had never taken before. We had been running for quite a long. Tired already, I was thinking of returning back but still we kept going along. And somewhere there, we reached the end of the road with the perfect timing. The sun had just started to rise in the far away horizon across the green fields. There was that comforting warmth you feel from the rays of the sun and the running. Both of us just stopped there looking at one other with unfallen tears in our eyes, panting and gasping for the breath of fresh air. And there in that moment, there was that surreal feeling, both of us were aware of. That moment, that feeling it was just something. It drained all the worries out of our body. It felt as if nothing else was important.”