Hold him close enough when he can’t hold himself right. Give him your wisest words. Tell him it’s ok sometimes to cry alone at night. Words will forever remain as sly as a fox. Make him believe in yours. Mold your words into fine art so he can see what he is worth of. Writers and politicians shall use the power to have benefits of their own. But you are a hopeless lover. Remember to be the liar. Use the words for the sake to save someone. Silence will never define your personality. You have a way with words to fill those unhealed gaps. The truth shall never accept its existence unless you tell it to someone. And so is treachery. So, fool him. Make him believe himself even if you don’t. Tell him you will wait for him until he searches for every piece he lost. And someday, when he returns back, growing into becoming what he searched for, kiss him on his lips. Tell him you knew it, and that there is still a long way to go.

And as you turn back to leave at the end, give yourself your final cry, tell yourself, it’s almost time to let him go.