‘LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!’ Isn’t it? How many of us have heard this quote? Almost all, I am sure. Some of us may even have hanged it in our walls as an art. Life is precious! Haven’t we all felt it?

On that lucky day when you were almost run over by a car, when you survived a deadly insect bite, when you had fever and ugly rashes that wouldn’t go away with just simple antibiotics. When you were holding a knife in front of your wrist, something stroke you hard. Life is precious! Well, you aren’t the only one. But then it’s odd too that you don’t really think life is precious when your motorbike runs over little plants on the ground. You don’t think about it when you spray dead a baby spider swinging happily in his web in your room, or while crushing a cute little mosquito having her evening meal from your arm. And none of us think of it while eating food, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. After all those plants and animals have life too, don’t they?

So, may be we should go for ‘HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS’. Sounds appropriate. See, it’s always better to stick with specifics. If your kid is lost somewhere, it wouldn’t sooth you much to know that he is there in this universe or in this planet or this country. It would help when you know he is in his best friend’s home or having an extra class in school or something. Vastness is confusing. And so is ‘LIFE IS PRECIOUS’! Too vast, boring and lifeless in itself.

But saying ‘HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS’, would be a lie as well. When you find out that someone you knew has died suddenly, you will think life is too precious. That you always need to be careful. You need to cross the road after you look both sides, you should not ride in crowded buses, you should stay away from infected people. See, the point here? The basic idea here is that you don’t really care about the human life as a whole. It’s just your own life you care about. So, you should go with “MY LIFE IS PRECIOUS”. Add that ‘MY’ to your wall art today. It’s loud, clear and describes the sentiment just perfectly.