Solitude is surely not an easy thing to handle. No matter how much of an out going person you seem to be, only you know the truth of how boring you are. Left alone for an hour, you possibly haven’t learnt to handle yourself yet. You either indulge into social media or you will suddenly have an impulse to talk to someone in anyway feasible or worse, get lost into your pool of distressing memories and wicked thoughts. Soon, solitude turns into loneliness and the urge to get out of your own company takes you to the edge. 

Solitude is surely not an easy thing to handle. But it does get easier if and only if you truly know and have understood yourself. You can find a very trustworthy friend there within. She will always give you the best advice. You will surely have a good time doing things that you both adore. Reading, painting, dancing, writing or whatever you choose, she will bring the best out of her. And that compatibility and the symphony in the wavelength you will feel with your own self is immensely irreplaceable with anyone else. And that my friend, will only be found if you give yourself enough time.