Last week a friend of mine decided to get a tattoo. He always had a thing for tattoos. While in school, he had made this bucket list just for all the tattoos he wished to get. I on the other hand, don’t have a friendly relationship with tattoos. I have never been good with permanent things. I have this fear that I may wake up one fine day and hate that tattoo on my arm and wish for my limb to get amputated just because of it. Of course there are tattoo removal options you may say. Yes, I am completely aware of it, thank you. But, it’s still a no for me. See, I do like looking at tattoos in someone else’s body, I like spending time googling ‘The most beautiful tattoos’ or ‘The worst tattoos’ or ‘Celebrity tattoos’. I also loved the movie ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ (Though it’s sad that they are not coming up with its sequel). But a tattoo in my own body? No way! I don’t think I can carry it off long enough. So, basically tattoo is like a frenemy to me.

Knowing all these, my friend decided to take me along with him while getting his first tattoo. He probably believed he could change my mind. I took it as an opportunity to tell him how bad his idea was throughout the way. Damn! I couldn’t change his mind. We reached this place, it was located at the heart of the city, I had already tried hundred ways to change his mind, but all in vain. We entered the place, a semi dark room with the obvious men, half dressed, displaying their tattoos all over their body. The wall of the room was pinned with several tattoo designs, mostly drawings and some photos as well.  My friend knew the owner, a seemingly old man. They begin to discuss his tattoo design which he was planning to get on his right arm. Undoubtedly nice, it was some circular shaped design filled with little delicate patterns which was interesting to look at. I still have no idea what it meant though. Hopefully, he can look at it forever with the same eagerness and passion I saw in his eyes at that moment. It surely meant a lot to him.

So, as my friend begins to get his dream painted over his arm, I take a tour through the tattoos in the walls.  The old man asks me of my plans to get tattoo anytime soon and I explain to him by dilemma with tattoos. He laughs and tells me that once you decide the right tattoo for yourself and get it, you will love it for lifetime. It will be like a child to you and you will be his mother. A mother can’t hate her own kid, can she? “Really? You are using the mother card”, I think to myself and smile at him to end his unconvincing answer and awkward question. As I go through the drawings in the wall, I come across one of the drawings at the corner of the wall. A darkly drawn art of a snake entangled into itself with little intricate details all over its body. For a moment, I literally get lost into it. It was such a beautiful thing. The slender body and the little designs along its skin, it was marvelous. It was as if for those few seconds I could see that tattoo in my body. Somewhere in the laterals of my thigh, the deadly snake inhabiting there, entangled. And trust me, I can promise you that I would never set it free. My friend notices me staring at the drawing and asks if I was planning on ending my frenemy and if I found my tattoo love. I snap out of my fantasy world, shake my head in response to him and move on to the other pictures.

It has been a week since that day and seriously speaking, I haven’t been able to get that picture out of my mind for a minute. I can feel that snake crawling in my leg. Crazy, huh? My friend would tease me so I haven’t shared all these with him. I even had a dream last night in which I was getting that same tattoo on my thigh. It was lucid dream so it was intentional for sure. Over thinking mind and a corrupted subconscious! What can I do? Looks like my frenemy is trying to end old rivalry and extend a hand of friendship. Something I am not ready for yet!