Heavy breaths,
Wandering eyes,
Scared beats,
And the cool air in between,
Trying to bridge the gap,
“Can you hear me?”,
Your heart whispers,
To mine,
You are a soul,
Unlike anyone else’s,
I rise to touch you,
To kiss you,
On your lips,
But I stop myself,
What if I am sleeping?
What if this dream shatters,
Into millions,
Of broken pieces,
That I can’t recollect?
Am I ready to wake up,
Into another place,
Far from home,
Far from you?
Will my heart still be yours’?
Will you still me mine?
What if,
I can’t see you,
I can’t touch you,
I can’t kiss you?
Let me be,
Here where you are,
With the scared beats,
Finding it’s ease,
Wandering eyes,
Fixed to yours’,
The heavy breaths,
Relaxed to its pace,
And as you come closer,
The gap of cool air,
No more exists,
“I will be here with you”,
I whisper,
Even if it’s just a,
Silly dream,
I don’t wish to wake up,
I don’t want to wake up,