June 2017

12:34 am!!

12:34 am A blank mind. And an endless time. This is where I am right now. Far away from home, lying here somewhere, cold, ironically under the sheets of warm blankets. I have a company inside my head. Together, we... Continue Reading →


Quote of the day

" If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?" - Boonaa Mohammed

12:07 am!!

12:07 am I remember the time when villains were always depicted bad. Every side of what was portrayed of them was purely evil. They lacked even a single evidence of feeble percentage of goodness. Throughout time, villains have surely evolved.... Continue Reading →

“I am called Shadow”

I am called Shadow. I exist because of your existence. I lack originality. I follow you where ever your footsteps take me. Unquestioningly. Undoubtedly. To everyplace where there is a light, I will desperately try to keep up my pace... Continue Reading →

1:22 am!!

1:22 am I can see the stars through my window. They always seem the same though. The big dipper, that was the first constellation my mother told me about. I am looking at it now. Clear as ever. I never... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

"Everything just sucks." - An ordinary person (with apologies if you disagree and immensely glad that you don't think so)

Just an Insight!

Can I talk to you without making you feel that I want or that I expect anything from you? Can we just be two people who hang around once in a while amidst some random places? Laughing and sharing and... Continue Reading →

1:04 am!!

1:04 am It's memory night tonight. I can tell. I have gone through some thoughts of random things. The first time I failed in a subject. 12th grade maths. I was too over confident. That time when I carried my... Continue Reading →

A diary day

I was going through my personal diary the other day. Written when I was class 8 or 9, that is around 8 or 9 years ago. Most parts of it were very childish. There were so many 'crying for no... Continue Reading →

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