Can I talk to you without making you feel that I want or that I expect anything from you? Can we just be two people who hang around once in a while amidst some random places? Laughing and sharing and walking. May be taking pictures that neither of us are going to share to the world. Just two people without judgements. Two people who admire the views and thoughts they exchange. Two people willing to listen to each other. Of their talks of life and friendship. Of estranged relations. Of broken hearts. Of wrong decisions. And some of little joy they receive when they view the moving water together. Or the setting sun. Or the school kids playing in circles. Or the old man talking about history. Two people ready to smile and pat on each other. Is it possible? Can we beat the usual stories where people meet and then drift apart? No, we don’t need to be the best of friends. Lets not try to be strangers too. You carry a world that I wish to travel. And I can give you a tour to mine. Is that too much to ask for?