12:07 am

I remember the time when villains were always depicted bad. Every side of what was portrayed of them was purely evil. They lacked even a single evidence of feeble percentage of goodness. Throughout time, villains have surely evolved. Now, I can see a side of them that is kind. They are good of heart, they care and they usually don’t mean any harm. But at times, they turn their backs and show us that they are capable of becoming selfish, greedy and evil. It usually lasts temporarily though. These days, villains have evolved even further. These days, villains live inside our heads. The evilness is a part of one’s own self. It runs in everyone’s blood. Like most of us, I try to tame mine, gain control over it and lock it up deep down. And on times like these when the undeniable darkness disturbs me from every ounce of sleep I fight to preserve, I slowly seem to give away. The villain inside me prepares to awaken. This is just about to be a long, rough night, though no different than what was yesterday or what will be tomorrow.