She lures you into her lair. She sits there patiently each day preparing herself to welcome you. “Hello! How have you been?” You know something is wrong. And yet you stay. Her warm words. Her immense beauty. The visual appeal. Was the disguise that you craved for. That was all she needed to call you into the spider’s web.

Look at you, you fool! She forever has been a soul eater. She promises colors and then turns people into black and white. She explores your vaults of imaginations and thoughts and then ruthlessly breaks them. You see dreams that you can never achieve. Imagination beyond your imaginations. Thoughts without limits. And then once you are done, she will cut you loose. To make you fly across, into the white infinity.

The sad part is you know her. You know what happens to you. Yet, you are not ready to run away. How foolish are you? Caught in between righteous mind and insanity, but you choose the latter. Let me have my laugh. You may have yours, your last laugh though. Further this road you plan, there is only pain. You may be blessed with a few smiles, here and there, merely out of delusions.

So, see you until then. Once you return, poisoned by her, you will become more darker. I may not even know if it’s you. I will look at you with a sigh and disgust. As just another crazy person. Just another empty soul. For you won’t even know what’s wrong. You will still be praising your own prisoner.