I try to believe,
Everything is as beautiful as it seems,
I wish to say what you make me feel,
But I feel skeptic,
About time and truth,

I want to tell you,
That you are special, everyday
I want to tell you,
That I love you,
More than how much I did yesterday,

To myself, in the mirror,
I repeat those lines in whisper,
As I remember every ounce of you,
And the power you bear to soothe me,
Out of my unending despair,

But I gasp for air,
And chills flow down my spine,
With lack of words, I turn away from you,
I let you cross me, each time unaware,
Of my silly hopes and daydreams,

Whom am I trying to fool?
You and I are a beautiful lie,
Like every him and her,
Claiming that they are different,
When none of us are!