August 2017

“Recalling diary days” #2

Another naive and immature version of the girl I used to be! 16th June, 2009 I returned him today what belonged to me. I gave it back to him and I know I didn't do the right thing. I just... Continue Reading →

“Recalling diary days”

This is a diary page dated back about 8 years ago. It may sound very immature. Selfish even. I am happy that I talk to this person sometimes and that he still is a friend. 21st April, 2009 The disparity... Continue Reading →

Moods and Streets!

I see the streets filled with people, all kinds of them. I watch them, each one of those dull and typical entities, as far as my vision permits me to. The tranquility of the scene┬áportrays both it's beauty and the... Continue Reading →

“No beginning no end”

I wonder of all those things people write about in pages that never see the light of the day. I wonder of all those feelings one pours into diaries and let them remain hidden under pillows or shoved behind locked... Continue Reading →


There is an intense wave of sadness flowing through all the cells in my body. An undesirable, undeniable, undescribable form of gloominess. I just want to scream out loud or may be cry my heart out. I can feel all... Continue Reading →

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