Two glasses of Penfold’s Club Tawny,

We are all unknowingly a part of a big engine, stuck here like the little gear wheels, constantly revolving on itself and perfectly colliding with the others. Don’t you think, how utterly mechanical everything is? We have all grown up to become slaves to time. The lack of efforts we are giving into building emotional relations, has led us all into hollow emptiness.  How lonely don’t you see each of us have become?

I am sorry that I am just another person walking down the street. I am not your saviour here, nor the saint you have been looking for. I am amongst many other emotionless stones. I don’t carry random sympathies to your grief. My love and care comes with a price. I don’t respond with awe for your minute achievements. I would rather be envious for a while and then wouldn’t care at all. For I know all these baseless entanglements people waste their time on.

I am another replica of you. I see your pain as ordinary as it could be. As ordinary as it should be. I can’t cry for your wounds. Not anymore. I am done wearing your shoes as mine remain brand new. Please don’t say that I am someone else than what you thought. I am no more than a helpless awareness. I am not here to stop the engine.  I can do nothing to set you free. For I am chained into myself too.