As I was dragging myself with the worries of pending dues of yesterday and the uncertain plans of tomorrow, I noticed you, walking across the streets like a wave of air. Carefree as always and seemingly without any burdens. With the dark smile that you carry around every morning, my dull day prepared to begin with a fresh start. I am late today. Just as every other Sunday. And then there you are. There you are in your own mysterious world of thoughts, walking beautifully. Beautifully and calmly, in that subtle pace, stopping by in every corner being fascinated by the little things that you come across. You are a grown up man with the heart of a young kid. In the wide horizon of your curious eyes, I believe nothing can ever remain ordinary.

I look at myself. I look at myself to find the miserable me, stuck in the chains of time and space. I am an old woman waiting for death to arrive in peace. My eyes are blind for I cannot see the beauty behind the ordinary. I see machines running around in humanoid form, stones carved in the form of hearts and love as a precise reflection of settlements. But then I see you and I am filled with awe. I look at you, unlike how I have always looked at people as mere functional machines. You, mister are an existential being. Unlike others, you are completely unreadable. You are a rebel to what the world portrays. I am amazed to have found you. One last piece of beauty. One last reason to breathe another day.