December 2017

12:29 am!!

12:29 am What do most people do after a tiresome day. They rest. They have a good sleep. What do I do? I lie down in bed. I think. I think of all sorts of things, from memories of days,... Continue Reading →

“Remembering you”

I wake up to the dreams that I recollect of you, Every night is a struggle, Every night is one more episode of restless blues, Circling around the infinite cycle of thoughts, of the past and the future, With the... Continue Reading →

What am I listening to right now?

"EMPTY" by┬áRay LaMontagne She lifts her skirt up to her knees Walks through the garden rows With her bare feet laughing I never learned to count my blessings I choose instead to dwell In my disasters I walk on down... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts!

"...and relapse has always been the rule."

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