I wake up to the dreams
that I recollect of you,
Every night is a struggle,
Every night is one more episode of restless blues,
Circling around the infinite cycle of thoughts,
of the past and the future,
With the ‘now’ completely blurred in between,

Every night,
I stay seemingly alive to give company,
to the tiresome voices in my head,
I stand there at the edge of my sanity,
where I no more belong to myself,
Tell me,
How is it possible to see you, when you are not around?
How is it possible to hear you, when you aren’t even making a sound?

Its absurd, you see,
Each night,
I end up at the edge of desperation,
that finally engulfs me,
swallows my pride and breaks me further into irreparable bits,
Because I can feel that my heart shivers,
As I remember you,
And my mind wears out to persistence of the memories I have saved of you,

So, each night,
I end up into a voyage,
Of dreams and desires,
to give up on the principles that pretends to govern me,
No matter how hard I try,
I have never been someone who could let go,
I carry around your imaginary images in any form of reality possible,
Such that,
Each night becomes a war,
Between the truth of my being here and the falsified imaginations that take hold of me,

And amongst many others,
is one more to go,
As I lie here to sink again,
Deeper than ever before,
Into myself,
And Into you.