I am called Shadow.

I exist because of your existence. I lack originality. I follow you where ever your footsteps take me. Unquestioningly. Undoubtedly. To everyplace where there is a light, I will desperately try to keep up my pace with you. As you are looking at the sun, I will be silently looking at you. I will always be looking at you. And as the light turns down, don’t think that I don’t back you up anymore. I will then be everywhere around you to cover you up. And at times when you pass a light behind your back, I shall lead you. I will walk in front of you till you see another. No matter how feeble it is, you will see a light.

I am your existence. I define your existence. If I am there, it means you must be there somewhere too. Hidden. Collapsed. Or broken. Struggling. But you exist no matter how. My presence explains that you occupy a space that no one else can. That whichever form you are, you are irreplaceable. Atleast to me. I know I am just a mere reflection of your darkness lying on the ground. So, even though you often forget me, misjudge me or overlook me, I can never imagine judging you or judging where your steps lead you. And neither am I capable of overlooking you. After all, I am You.