June 2018

blue sunshine.

I knew, I knew the shape of the world was round, way before, And today, I saw you after so many years, Hey you, How have you been? I have missed you in each and every of those seconds, But... Continue Reading →

11:44 pm

11:44 pm I always thought that all I ever wanted was to escape. I always made myself convinced that my inner, eventual motive was to leave. To be lost, to be unreachable and unaware from anyone's notice or attention. I... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you things that don't matter much, Like, I am in love with you. Duh!


And in a parallel universe, May be I will laugh like I have kept no worries to wonder about. And every time I am out somewhere, I will smile at strangers as if I know them already somehow. May be... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

You are bored by the dull world. And it's justifiable. I mean, look around! All these people! What are they besides being just fucked up entities. Yes, you are angry, I know. What the hell is happening? Everyone you see... Continue Reading →

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