October 2018


We have a tendency to hide our most weakest selves within us. I know for sure that there's a whole dimension of me that I am yet to explore. Because the most fragile state I have is also my most... Continue Reading →


Colors are one of the most magical things I find in life. And may be because I have a tendency of seeing things grey, the little joy I find when seeing the truest colors excite me even more. I have... Continue Reading →

12:22 am

12:22 am There has always been so much to talk about. And yet, I ask myself to stay in silence. I fear the time that is yet to arrive, for I have seen how easily things slip out of hands.... Continue Reading →

Stay with me.

Stay with me, I am the challenge of time, I am the one for whom you looked behind, Stay with me, Fate is a conspiracy, And I am your sad eternity, Stay with me, Life is a game of words,... Continue Reading →

from your alter-ego.

You might ask me if I know the purpose of life and I swear I will tell you I do. Maybe you wouldn't believe me, maybe you would think I am still young and overconfident as I sound. Or maybe... Continue Reading →


Schrödinger's cat was this hypothetical experiment relating to quantum physics in which a cat is closed in a box with some radioactive substance that has 50 percent chance of causing the death of the cat. In case I ask you if the... Continue Reading →

the protagonist.

They say sometimes it just takes one person to save a dying one. They say one person's notice of what is about to happen untimely is all that would make a difference. But are we ever willing to look deeply?... Continue Reading →

What the protagonist says.

Everybody wants to live. One more day. One more moment. One more minute second. Everybody, no matter who we are or what we do or what we are going through. All of us expect ourselves in the future. It's probably... Continue Reading →


I think one of the hardest thing for me to do is eating alone. Rarely, up until now in my 23 years of life where I have been blessed with friends, I never had to end up in situations or... Continue Reading →

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