November 2018

Internship 102

Internship 102 The best part of internship to me, up until now is the Out Patient Department or the OPD. This is the only place where you get to sit down with your patient and talk. Imagine someone comes to... Continue Reading →

23:38 pm

23:38 pm The repercussion of the long gone time has tumbled right back to you. Dear warm hearted one, once again, it's you. To suffer while he walks away unaffected as always. And it is you, again, trying to justify... Continue Reading →

Internship 101

Internship 101 Every now and then, I see someone taking their first breath of life and someone taking their last one with all the struggle each one can afford. As much excitement I feel looking at the beginning of a... Continue Reading →

no idea what I wrote.

We do not live in a world of happy endings. There is a unique chaos that we all deal with each day. We all have been going through our own struggles. Home. Family. Friends. Love. And our own conscience. Everything... Continue Reading →


One of the most intriguing things time offers you is the ending. The final page of a book. The ultimate closure of a season of your favourite series. The departure of an unforgettable relationship. And for sure, mere death. The... Continue Reading →

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