October 2019

on hold.

Hold me. Not as how you would never let me go. I have never been the person who stays. Neither have I ever been someone who is limited by other's thoughts. Hold me. Not as how you would hold the... Continue Reading →


For once in my life, I am scared to look deep into someone's eyes. Well, I have looked into eyes, a lot of eyes. Of a numerous lot of people. I have digged deep into their souls and I have... Continue Reading →

I am missing you.

I am missing you. Not as how one misses the absence of someone. I am missing you even with the constant presence of you around me. It's as though I can reach out to you and yet I feel somehow... Continue Reading →


I feel strange. It's as if someone dipped their hands into my heart and pulled out a chunk and went away. I wanted to stop you from leaving. I wanted to tell you, for the moment, please don't go. Let's... Continue Reading →

a day.

Could you give a day to me? For an early morning bicycle ride along the hill side, a midday crazy dance in the rain and in the night, together we will gaze into the starlight. Could you give a day... Continue Reading →

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