I don’t know how should I say this. I can’t even say if I will be saying what I am feeling. There are things between us that is going great hai. We both agree to it. The energy part or the sex part or the random times that we are together in exception to everybody else. Those are beyond how much words could carry the ability to describe its magic or its beauty. But then there often comes this blind spot thing jasto, where I can’t see anything. In terms that I don’t know whats going on, but knowing that something isn’t right. I feel as though I just woke up from a dream that was so meant to be true but then it wasn’t and now I am stuck inside my head with the flashbacks of it.

And at times as such, I am scared and I feel insecure. I feel distant. Like today. Or how I felt yesterday. And to add on to this fear, I am constantly carrying this weight of the uncertainty of the future.

Maybe all relationship’s work that way, maybe all relationships have blind spots and people eventually overcome. But why do I have a feeling that I am not being able to. If it was as the dream that was meant to be, wasn’t this supposed to be smooth and easy ra?