I, time and again, realize that I am a person wearing my heart on my sleeves. If someone shows interest on talking to me in a genuine way, I am all ears. It necessarily doesn’t have to be in a romantic way. Love is overly-rated. No one talks here about compatibility and communication. I have been in love or so to say, I have named my feelings of wanting to know someone and to be with them to be called as love. The kind of love where you forget yourself and your individual purposes. I have been in love and more importantly I have been in being in the habit of being in love. If that makes sense? And often so, I have had to also condition myself to be out of love. And both, falling in and out has made me realize the greater purpose here.

I do wear my heart on my sleeves but time and again, I have learnt to not give away myself for some momentary romance. Its easier said than done, of course. But isn’t it obvious? The greater purpose of this said feeling called love is building a connection in the grounds of compatibility and striving for a true communication that you both can rely on. For sparking a sense of mindly security and radiating positivity both ways. Of course, for some, lust and sex could be the main purpose. Or marriage. Or family. Those I see as a by-product out of love. Meaning these could never sustain love as a whole, and often tend to end up in a difficult situation with some ending completely, while some just dangling by a thread.

So my point being, hello there! I am here just to listen and talk. For the greater purpose.