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Let me tell you things that don't matter much, Like, I am in love with you. Duh!



And in a parallel universe, May be I will laugh like I have kept no worries to wonder about. And every time I am out somewhere, I will smile at strangers as if I know them already somehow. May be... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

You are bored by the dull world. And it's justifiable. I mean, look around! All these people! What are they besides being just fucked up entities. Yes, you are angry, I know. What the hell is happening? Everyone you see... Continue Reading →


I am here, It's called the middle of nowhere, And I cannot possible tell you how the hell I ended up in a place like this, I didn't put up a status that I was leaving home, I haven't clicked... Continue Reading →


Yes, we all need help. And when I needed help, it wasn’t even necessary for me to search for it. I was blessed with friends who were always there to check up on me. I never had to show that... Continue Reading →


No, I am not going back. I am not reversing my footsteps into that emptiness someone left behind. I am done being the one waiting, anticipating and assuming. I can’t take it anymore. I am going ahead no matter what.... Continue Reading →


Apparently. I fell in love with you. And it pisses me off that I fell in love with you. That I fell in love with someone like you. Only to hit straight down to the ground. And the fact that... Continue Reading →

Insight of the day!

I am a simplified version of human. I do not know how I can unfeel what I feel or how I feel. Feelings for me are unavoidable. They are inevitable. I wake up in the morning and I am filled... Continue Reading →

There there!

Hello there, Yes, this one’s for you. Yes, you my dear! The one who left. The one who thought leaving was the only convenient solution. The one who thought leaving was as easy as umm.. I don’t know. What’s easy?... Continue Reading →

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