The Bookish girl

Dear silly guy,

Dear silly guy, It's an early Tuesday morning and I miss you. I wish I could hate you as much as you hate me right now. Hate has an unmeasurable power. If I had the slightest reason to hate you,... Continue Reading →


Dear silly guy,

Dear silly guy, I had a fine day. I got my results and I passed (though with sucky marks). Surely, I can't ask for more remembering how badly I wrote those papers. And then there were other good things that... Continue Reading →

Dear silly guy,

Dear silly guy, Had an okayish day. When it comes to having problems, my brother is my 'go to' guy. He always has the right thing to say. About you, he thinks I need to get over you. So, if... Continue Reading →

Dear silly guy,

This is probably the most insane way to forget you. I was suggested by a friend that since I write, I am supposed to write about conversations that I would have with you if it was some normal day. To... Continue Reading →

3:23 am!!

3:23 am I can't carry on with having you on my mind forever. Tomorrow, I'll start new. I need to get on everything back on track. Yeah, surely I can never forget you. For you are the only one I... Continue Reading →

“Come back”

And when he left, it was how it happened in movies. He made it dramatic, full of suspense and immensely tragic. He left like death. Sudden. Cold. And distant. One moment he was there, warm and radiant and just the... Continue Reading →

It's okay. Everything is fine. It's okay. I am fine. Nothing changes. I need to stay calm. It's okay.

11:20 pm!!

11:20 pm I am amazed by people. The unpredictability of people, their words, their actions and their mood have never seized to keep me fascinated. Or may be I haven't been attentive enough to see what's coming. I always appreciate... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

"Broken hearts are marketable." -from a fellow friend, a wonderful writer and an aspiring human. (Also by him http://

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