I think sometimes I need someone. Just someone who would sit down and listen. To the words I chose to say. Or just listen. To the silence that I cry out. It's been a while. This routine feeling of lonesome.... Continue Reading →

can you hear?

I said I want a break. And by that I meant I want you to hold me closer and to never let me go. I said you can leave if you want to. And by that I meant don't leave... Continue Reading →

How long has it been since I have written? How long has it been since I have felt something? How long has it been since I have come across something meaningful? Way too long. I tend to believe that whatever... Continue Reading →

Time changes so strangely. Sometimes you don't even recognize the other person. Like I thought I knew you well but right now, who the hell are you?

I don't think January is my month. I don't have good memories associated to it. Can't we just skip this month? I feel this spontaneous wave of gloominess out of nowhere. I don't want to proceed. I feel like running... Continue Reading →

I feel the lowest. I don't want to start the day. No, I can't be depressed. No, I can't be depressed.

piece of a puzzle.

I want you. Right now. Right in this moment. I want you. In person. To be here. Just with me. I want to see you. Eyes to eyes. I want to be able to touch you. Skin to skin. And... Continue Reading →

the ideals.

The idea is simple. The idea is to enjoy. To be in the present moment of time, fearlessly. And recognize the magic in the little things in life. The idea is to look forward, for better things in tomorrow. No... Continue Reading →

journal of a normal kid.

I am writing this only because my psychiatrist asked me to. To sit down in a quiet place and write down some random details about myself. About home, friends, family, love, career. I am being asked to do so probably... Continue Reading →

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