November 2015

“She” part #9

".....if you ever ask her, does she believe in god, she will want your definition of god. If god, to you, is an imaginary friend at times of your fear, then she does believe in god. Because she created her... Continue Reading →

“dear ex”

Dear ex, I remember you, when I see a child crying for a toy. I remember you, when I smell cigarette smoke. I remember you, when I see the white, bare tree standing alone in the cold. I remember you,... Continue Reading →

“She” part #8

"...its an irony that she preferred simpler things. Because, herself, she was too complicated. And may be that was why he liked her. She had turned her life into a list of goals. The list never ended. There were no... Continue Reading →

“She” part #7

"...he was a serious person. He liked complicated things. He talked of politics and money. He talked of gods and rituals. All these governed the world he would say. And she, she always listened and smiled. But she preferred the... Continue Reading →

“Long distance and love”

Long distance and love We will make it work you said Each mile apart and One phone call closer we get Every hiccup and every sneeze How badly i believed it was you Long distance and blind love made a... Continue Reading →

“She” part #6

"...and she hated memories. Cause they were hard to erase. All one could do is leave it to time. But she was never the holding on type. She will never tell you to wait or beg you to stay. And... Continue Reading →

“She” part #5

"...if you ask her, about love, she will think for a while. Love, she won't say, is mutual. Because her love, it existed unilateral. Love was supposed to be comfort, comfort in sharing. Her love, it was awkward, it was... Continue Reading →

“She” part #4

"...often she surrounded herself with a world of imagination, where she would set her own rules. And her rules, they were always in contrast with the laws of the weird world. She was one of a kind. A perfect world,... Continue Reading →

“She” part #3

"...have you ever tried being alone she would ask. A walk on a lonely road, a lunch on an empty table, a movie or just a laugh on your own? No, she isn't an introvert. She was part of the... Continue Reading →

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