March 2018

Just an Insight! (Republished from 2017)

"...he came up to me like a flash of light, shinning so bright. Only to fade away at the end. And ever since, I feel like a moth, searching for that light everywhere. Like a little kid always dragging herself... Continue Reading →

This is not love!

This is not love. This is a war. For he resides not in any of the depths of your heart, but you have inhabited him into your mind. And trust me, this is not one of the many novels you... Continue Reading →

12:16 am!!

12:16 am I sometimes feel so much relieved that out of all the giant worries of life, my only concern, my only worry is my lack of ability to fall asleep. And right now is that 'sometime'.

You be you, I will be me!

Unfocus your focus from me, It's a beautiful world, can't you see? Why fill it with all this complexity, when it is as simple as it seems, You are you, And I am trying hard to be me, Oh dear... Continue Reading →

Just an Insight!

People are allowed to leave you. People are allowed to search for their closure by growing apart from you. People are allowed to disappear in their own space if that is what keeps them in solace. People are allowed to... Continue Reading →

New or old?

I have no idea why I am with you. Why I stay next to you and make you listen to my precise silence? Don't ask me if it's love that I have for you. This is just a phase of... Continue Reading →

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