December 2018

eyes that tell.

(You are projected here with an image of the same woman standing at an extreme looking somewhere distant. The focus of the image is into her eyes. The background behind and everything in between is white. Pure white.) (Scene #3)... Continue Reading →

eyes that see.

(You are projected here with an image of a woman) (Scene #1) She is looking at him. She is looking at him. Someone she has always known. And more importantly, someone she has always understood. She is looking at him... Continue Reading →

Internship 104

Internship 104 For most of the days of internship, you will be either drunk or you feel like you want to get drunk. Just two months have passed by and I am scared that my liver enzymes are going crazy.... Continue Reading →

Internship 103

Internship 103 There is always, always a cause to everything that happens. There must, must be a specific reason to the initiation of everything that eventually occurs to exist. This applies to life. And to medical practice. Every minute symptom... Continue Reading →

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